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Originally Posted by LindenGarcia18 View Post
I think you really misunderstood me here.
Of coarse I want your help, thats why I'm here.
If I knew that I stay around the same body fat and still put on some size in 6 months then I wouldn't have asked all those questions and be worried about getting fat.
What makes you think that I thought this guy has more experience?

I never said that, and I never implied it.
He doesn't really have any experience, but I noticed he had a similar body to mine when he started, and more importantly I noticed him make progress over six months gaining little or no fat, which is what I wanted to achieve.

I'm no longer spinning my wheels, I have a goal in mind and have already started, I just wanted your opinions.
I'm actively doing something, remember that. Not every question I ask is me getting stressed as my barbell gathers dust. I'm over that now.
Off road, I didn't realize what he was doing was macro rotation, sorry.
Why you thought I was taking advice from him I don't know, mostly I didn't believe him because I didn't know what he did was possible.
Which comes back to why I was asking you, the experienced ones in the first place!

On that other thread, many said "the weight I gain will make me look better anyway" or "If you feel like this, leave your bulk till after your holiday"
Then I see a video of someone who hasn't gained anyfat, but built some size, I get confused again.
If I'd have know this was what I could expect, then I wouldn't have started that other thread.
It was a mistake on my part, I didn't understand. I'm sorry guys
But, I addressed this in a thread and the next thing I saw was a thread you put up with Scooby vid in it saying the same thing as I'd said questioning whether it could be done...even though I'd already stated it can be and some do lose fat and gain lean mass simultaneously.

Those sorts of threads, understandably, drive people nuts; consider how you'd feel, if you informed someone of a factual item only to see them question your input.

The issue is, not that you ask a question, but that you continually question the advice being put out there, and it's the same advice on the same topic, that's what is worse.

People recomp (gain lean mass/ lose fat (or gain no fat)), especially newcomers to weights, as you get more and more lean, it's less easy to recomp but it can still be done. Read some logs on here, check people's diets logs out, follow their plans, if necessary...BUT, and it's the big but, just get down to it and as people have suggested, ask questions later on as you tweak, as things slow, as you make progress.

It has been seen, so many times that it's unbelieveable, people that continually question without training end up doing nothing but accumulating info which does nothing for them.

One thing that needs to be addressed is your OCD, not only will it cause issues now, as it seems to be doing with your training set-up but it will also cause relationship issues; get it addressed professionally before you look back in 25 years time and wish you had, it might just be one of the best things you do as it will enhance all areas of your life.
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