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Originally Posted by dossas View Post
Anyone have any guidance regarding kind of workouts (type of exercises, how much/frequency) a woman could do during pregnancy? I know the first thing to do is to talk to a doctor. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience and/or knowledge regarding this.
When my wife was pregnant we did a ton of research. I learned a lot about this subject along the way.

First, exercising and training is one of the best things you can do while pregnant. You'll minimize bad weight gain (You'll gain weight, of course, but the need to gain lots of weight is a misconception. So is the idea that you should eat whatever you want.), and it's also been shown that woman who train while pregnant generally have easier deliveries, and actually end up with healthier babies. of course, this is a tendency and not a rule, but it seems worth it to me.

It's true that this isn't the time to add new things in. If you're a lifter, then keep lifting. If you like running for some reason, then keep doing it. But if you've never touched a weight, don't start while your pregnant.

WALK. It's one of the best things you can possibly do for your health and your back. yes, your ankles and back will probably ache some, but don't let this put you on the couch all the time. Again, it will be worth it in the end.

One thing to be aware of is that you will become more flexible as your pregnancy progresses. The body releases a hormone that loosens your joints. This is in preparation for the dilation of the hips during labor, but it effects the whole body in the months leading up to birth. If you decide to do something like yoga, then be aware that you'll be able to stretch further than ever before, which can lead to injuries. DON'T push it, although it's true that yoga and light stretching are great during pregnancy. It will keep your back from tightening up from carrying around extra weight all the time.

If you are lifting, then about a month into the pregnancy you'll need to stop doing any exercises that involve laying flat on your back, such as a flat bench press. This position cuts off blood to the womb, which would obviously be very bad. Incline movements, however, are just fine. It's only flat on your back, parallel to the ground, where the problems occur.

Squats are one of the best things you can do. If you haven't lifted before, then just do bodyweight squats every couple days, but doing it with weight is preferable. Strengthening the hip girdle will make the birthing process easier, and also promote quicker healing afterwards.
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