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Well, brevity was never a strong point.

I was unemployed during the two years or so when I got into the long walks.

I was up to over twelve miles per night when I got a Factory Production Job.

I cut the walking down to about three miles per night.

About this time, I decided to go back to School and get a Degree in Industrial Maintenance.

40 Hrs of Work; 12 Semester Hours of Classes and 3 Miles of Walking was just too much, so I quit walking.

About this time, my father got Cancer and it fell my lot to take him to Chemotherapy 3 times weekly.

About this time, I started eating like a Truck Driver—Remember the Esquimaux Axiom:

"Food is Sleep".

Okay, flash forward a few years:

I started my last Job at about 335—and it was about an hour's drive each way.

I Really wanted to successfully pass my Probationary Period—and I thought that if I dieted, I'd be obsessing about my next meal instead of Memorizing how the little wheels and gears moved around.

So 6 months later, when I could have been weighing 300, I weighed about 380 instead...

Finally, my employer caught on that I was just too unfit to do my Job...

Couple or three years of looking fruitlessly for work...

Two or three years waiting for my Disability to be approved...

And about three years since...

I attribute my recent improvement to three factors:

#1} I unilaterally decided to cut 80 Mg/Day of Prozac from my Diet.

It took about three or four months to notice a difference.

#2} I let the Doctor browbeat me into Shooting Insulin.

I was very reluctant, because I knew once you're on Insulin, you're on it for Life...

But I must admit that it makes a dramatic improvement in how I feel.

#3} I started drinking Carbonated Water instead of Coke.

I crave the CO2 Burn at the back of my throat, and I always thought of Diet Drinks as a kind of Industrial Waste.

There went over two-Liters worth of Sugar-Water per Day...


My little Dog wakes me up about 8:30 most mornings.

I'd very much like to sleep later, but he is very persistent.

I eat a Peanut Butter Sandwich on Whole Wheat and Drink a large soup bowl of Coffee—Don't like Coffee very much, but gotta get Caffeine from somewhere...

Sometimes lunch is another PB Sandwich; or a Cheese Sandwich when there's Cheese—sometimes I skip Lunch.

Supper is generally some kind of Pork, Beef or Chicken and a "Go-To" Starch—Potato; Pasta or Rice...

Sometimes we have a Vegetable. Sometimes there are Oranges, Apples, Grapes or Bananas—most often not.

I do my weird Calisthenics Mon, Wed and Fri.

Since I got my Special Diabetic Shoes for my Neuropathy a couple weeks ago, I've been trying to walk Nightly—adding 10 or 12 yards every week.

My net is about $950/Month—not a whole lot of room to improve diet there.

About 3 years ago, I got too big to fit behind the Wheel of my Truck.

Now my License Plates; Driver's License and Insurance are all expired—and the Truck won't start.

Hopefully a new battery will resurrect him.

There is a rather "Light-Duty" Health Gym that only Charges $10/month—but they do have free weights.

My old Gym charges $230/Yr Jan to Jan. Membership is always to the Next January, pro-rated through the year...

You might have heard of It "The Pit"—It's online—The oldest Continuously run Gym in Indiana—and at one time, they had won more Teenage Powerlifting Championships than any other Gym.

Right now, in my current economy, $230 may as well be $2300...

My Podiatrist tells me that my Neuropathy will never improve significantly.

With my feet half-numb, I'll never be able to work eight hour shifts in a Factory...

Even Sitting without examining my feet every hour or so would be problematic.

I ask myself sometimes, why I should bother...

I'm never going to be able to work again, in any case...

But I believe my little Dog as well as my big Dogs—particularly the Bloodhound—would enjoy walking around the block, or so...

Were I able to take them...

I'd really like to go Hunting and Fishing again before it is completely out of the Question...

And Trivial as it may sound, I'd like to do some Heavy Squats once more and see the pump in my thighs...

Hope this isn't too long—and that you can glean some good info somewhere...

O yeah, believe it or not, though I've battled Obesity all my life, I was never a big eater until my mid-to-Late 40s.

It was large quantities of Soft-Drinks and other Beverages that did me in...

Saxon Violence
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