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Originally Posted by LindenGarcia18 View Post
Wow, you are lucky! Never heard of anyone not gaining any fat.

I thought there was some way to calculate how much muscle and fat you were getting from that pound or over each week.

If the fat gains are normally neglible then thats great. I don't really have anything to worry about.
Some people tend to be lucky or just have it spot on; I was surprised because I had little bodyfat to drop when I started with weights, having started with cardio only when getting fit, but still saw a drop in bodyfat, obviously since there was less to lose, it was a minimal drop but certainly no gain in it.

There may be ways to calculate muslce to fat gain/loss ratio but since everybody's metabolism is slightly different and will also vary quite considerably with the sort of training they're doing, there are so many variables that it's just easier to watch and see what's more fun too If you assume what may occur, then disappointment looms large, on the other hand if you just see what changes, surprise and achievement is mostly what lay ahead of you.
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