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Originally Posted by LindenGarcia18 View Post
I had a look at the book, but I'm in the UK I can't find anywhere else to buy it.

I'll tell you how it is.
I'll sound like an idiot here, but this is why I'm pondering which option to go for.
There's this girl I've liked for years, she likes me too, and she's invited me to go to the Canary Islands with her in July.

Its kind of a big chance for me, and while my fitness goals are very important, this is all I can think about at the moment.
I'm in my final year of school, and decided to be home schooled by my mum who's a teacher. The schools ethos sucks, and is rapidly gone down hill from been one of the best, to one of the worst due to a change in headship and staff.
I've been going here there and everywhere since I left doing exams, and haven't seen her in ages because I've been out of town.
We speak everyday, and were both really missing each other, she's like my best friend.
So, this summer as I said were going to the Canary Islands, which is where half my family comes from, and its a chance to make things happen, with all the exams and stress out of the way.

Now I'm not one for been bothered about what people think of me, but in this case, very much so.
Obviously though, I want to look my best, rather than been half way through a bulk looking podgy, on an island thats predominantly beaches.
I'd be incredibly self conscious the whole time.
I know I'm skinny already, but then I fear I could go skinny fat. Seen as muscle takes longer to develop than fat.

I know you say I wont get fat on a bulk, but I'll still gain some fat. Particularly I'm worried about it being noticed on my face.
If she asks me "have you put on weight" I think I'll die.
Yes, I believe you all when you day I wont get fat, but maybe there will be a noticeable difference even if its slight?
Please don't laugh at me guys :P
I know it will sound silly, but thats why I'm trying to gauge this right.
you live in the UK, yeah? come and train with me i am no expert i know but we will get this crap out of your head we will lift and eat everything we see and drink milk until it comes out of are ears, i have gained about 25-28 pounds in weight in the last year and a half, is all muscle no is it all fat no it is about 15-16lb of muscle and about 10lb of fat and still want to gain allot more, i have had people who haven't seen for a very long time ask if i have been taking steroid's which i take as a complement then the other ones say haven't you got fat because i had fat face while bulking, i did get it wrong at first. At the end of the day if you worry about what other may think you are never going to achieve the look you want.
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