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Originally Posted by Reefboy1980 View Post
Ok so most of the times it's just funny when you clear a room but there are other times when it's just inappropriate.

Can this be controlled?

Do this mean my body isn't breaking down all my food?

Any help much appreciated
Some foods cause flatulence, such as beans, the body can get used to the food but if it's caused by a food intolerance with things like milk (a common intolerance with resultant gas) then the food has to be removed from the diet.

If you've just altered the diet or started a new food/supplement, then you'll have to gauge what's going on and whether that is the cause; there are just too many causes for gas that it would be impossible to cover it and since you never mentioned your dietary intake or any changes that may have occurred prior to the flatulence, it's more complex to address. Flatulence can even be caused by too much abdominal work, extreme abdominal work, that is.

So, work out what had altered pror to the flatulence and work backwards from there, reversing the process if necessary until things settle, ideal if it's a supplement/food, then add back in slowly and monitor...or, just put up with it.
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