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tayjeremy is off to a good starttayjeremy is off to a good starttayjeremy is off to a good start

Originally Posted by Dray View Post
*IF* it were at all possible for a guy with a fairly small, narrow torso to broaden/expand any part of it, might they not want to? Other than bulkin' yer gut, that is.

Widening the lats, is another example. And so on.

Not saying that this exercise will do that for sure, however. Not an area of expertise I can claim as my own. Just (quite possibly misinterpreted or otherwise inaccurate) observations, is all I have to go on at this stage. And even if they've "worked" for me, that's just me. Who knows whether/how it might apply to any given lifter.
Interesting, I was thinking along those lines. Helps with creating the "illusion of big".

Thanks for the quick reply
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