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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
That's because it's a given, due to the fact you are driving your hips back to initiate the descent.

When you unrack the bar and have 635 pounds in your hands, it's not going to start from a hang position. Your lower back would not tolerate that. You unrack, set up, then initiate the hips back. This is when the hanging comes into play. You don't unrack already in a hanging position.

Did you watch my video?

Not true. Plenty of lifters do them off blocks and don't initiate from the floor. There are many SLDL variations. That's the reality.

Conventional bodybuilding SLDL is more about the stretch than anything.

That's your opinion, and however valid, it doesn't changed the fact that 99.99% of SLDLs ever performed were not ridden along the legs.
Ok Steve, you are getting a little squirrely here. When you unrack an RDL do you set it on the ground? NO! Therefore it is hanging. I never said that you don't have to get your hips and back in any sort of postion. I never said you don't! Why did you even feel the need to bring that up.

Don't lower this to the level of a pissing match. That isn't you. And further more, that isn't what I was trying to achieve here. I wasn't trying to disrespect you or attack your pride. Come on man, you should know me well enough to know that I wouldn't try to do that to you. It sucks that after all this time in the community you don't think I have more respect for you than that!

All I was doing was challenging you to take in the information provided by Rippetoe regardging SLDL vs RDL. Why are you so resistant to that? I didn't even say you were wrong. I just said read the information before shitting on it. Have you gotten to a point where when a member of the MaB community challenges you to take a look at valid information before disregarding it, that you are unable to do so? Why?

I sent you a PM stating that you should read that information, but you respond that you do your RDL like Rippetoe. I never said you didn't man. It's like you aren't reading what I was saying, you're just reacting to me like I am attacking you. I don't understand it. This is the very thing that you have so often rallied against!
Anyway, it's your site man. I'll shut up now. I just wanted you to address Rippetoe's write up and the fact that he states the RDL starts from a hang (not on the ground) and the SLDL starts from the ground. That's it.
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