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Default Jslep gets a K-otic TEST CHARGE compliments of AAEFX

I got this Fed-ex on March 1st and wanted to start that monday but stupid puter has been down and i just got it back so i started yesterday so let's roll!!

Test Charge

Personally I'm looking for a few things outside of just strength gains from Test Charge. I haven't had my test levels done but know they have to be on the low side. Hmmm....cough....aahhh bedroom issues..... girlfriend really has to work me a little if ya catch my drift. SO anyways i'm looking to improve some labido along with better sleep, better mood, better overall feel throughout the day. Lately I'm not as anxious to get to the gym as much as i know i just need to go. Normally this isn't the case for me. I always look forward to a good bench and dead day. My workouts have felt more like maintenance rather than gains so we gotta break this skid.


I'm not much for pre-workouts cuz i absolutely hate the crash after. I have a monster energy in the mornin but usually only finish half before i switch to water. Now i don't want to kick in another energy drink before i workout simply cuz i crash hard after the workout. I'm lookin for a good sustained high energy feeling without a crash and doesn't keep me restless in the evening. Down side to not taking one at all is my workouts have not been amped like they should be.

Things i will keep an eye on while running this log are my desire, strength, intensity, recovery, sleep and overall mood. I'm looking to put strength into my bench and dead for june and everything else will be accessory work. I'm not looking to see if i can add an inch to my arms or lose 2% body fat so my abzors show nicely. If i don't add any strength but my overall feel and mood towards the gym, my workouts, and home life improve i will consider it a success.

So lets party....

I did not workout yesterday cuz i had to have a business dinner with my girlfriend but we are hitting the gym tonight so lets hope for a pump that splits the skin.

First thoughts on Test Charge i won't lie is it tastes awful. Sorta tastes like black licorice to me but to be honest if you could prove to me that horse shit would put 40lbs of mass on me in one year i would eat it every night for dinner. I'm more interested on effect rather than how it tastes in my mouth for 3 seconds. None the less the taste is not the best.

Have not taken K-otic but will tonight. I did dip my finger in the container of Orange Ambush and it tasted like a orange creamcicle. Works for me i love just about anything with an orange flavor. Looking for big things here though. I truly love the pump...i know i don't need it for it to be a good workout but its an addicting feeling to have your muscles feel so full they might rip the skin. It keeps me wanting more and hopefully k-otic can provide that cleanly.

BW: 193

Mood: tired but not lazy

Body: sore

Sleep: not bad but could be better

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