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Originally Posted by jdmalm123 View Post
Do you know what's up with your shoulder?

I had decent results with the Diesel Crew Shoulder Rehab routine..
Diesel Crew Muscle Building, Athletic Development, Strength Training, Grip Strength How to Shoulder Rehab

I didn't do 100% of the moves, but it was good for my RC.

Eventually, I ended up with a Cortisone shot in the shoulder (due to fraying/degeneration typical for my age/activity on top of 2-3 bad bench-induced sprains over the years) and that was huge for putting me back to normal.
Thanks for the link JD. I'll check it out this evening. Really don't think it's an RC issue. Based off that pic I have pain in the rhomboid region and my upper peck with a little across the trap haha. Could just be geezerdom lol.

Originally Posted by BigJosh View Post
Take care of that shoulder man. Here's my advice:
Don't do anything that hurts. Anything.
Do these 3 exercises twice a week:
Rotator Cuff Strengthening Exercises
Target your rear delts at least once a week. I found that at the very beginning mine were extremely weak and that the reverse pec deck worked really well. I have since graduated to face pulls. However, do whatever feels comfortable.

That's what worked for me. Mileage may very. I'm sure sooner or later someone is going to come along and tell me that I am full of crap, that's how it seems to work on the forum, but this worked for myself and I wanted to share with you. Good luck.
Thanks Josh! I actually do versions of those twice a week, before OHP and before bench. I picked those up when I had this issue with my other shoulder. I've also been doing facepulls for a while, but maybe too heavy with the injury? Might should back off the weight on those a little.

The funny thing is, as long as my form is on point, it doesn't hurt while I'm benching or pressing, but it sure as hell hurts after I am hopeful that the decrease in weight and increase in reps and subsequent bloodflow will get this thing back on track.

Thanks for the tips!!!
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