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Default I think I understand now.

Regulars to the forum will have probably notice my name coming up everyday,
asking noobie questions, and normally getting even more confused about the questions I asked than I was in the first place.

I've realized though that all these questions, aren't really leading me anywhere, and that I'm often obsessing about minute details instead of seeing the bigger picture.

I decided to look through all my past posts, and have come to the conclusion that I need to get things into perspective.
From reading over all the advice you've given me over these past few months, and recently doing allot of my own research, I think I've finally got it.

This is my plan, I'd be very grateful if you could critique it.

Some of you might have seen my very first post.
I introduced my self, and stated my very vague goals, hoping you could give me some answers.
Those goals remain the same, although as I said, I have things in persective now I think.

My Goal:
I've posted some pictures as attachments, of the guy I want to look like.

Its Taylor Lautner. Hes an actor, that went from a skinny state, to quite considerably bigger, in one year.

One of the pictures shows him in a skinnier state before he put on all the muscle, side by side with an after picture.
The before picture, is how I look now, minus the sixpack.
I have definition like he has, but as far as mass goes, barley anything.
Its a good picture really, because His body on that before picture, is almost identical to mine. (Apart from the sixpack)

As far as aesthetics, thats where I want to be. He did this in a year, which is pretty inspiring to me.
I wan't to be strong too. I see no point in looking strong but not being able to perform.
Its not all about looks.

I'll either follow a straight bulk or do carb cycling like OffRoad said, haven't decided yet.
I'll write out my diet, and hopefully, if OffRoad happens to read this he can tell me how to alter it for his method.
This would be a workout day. On the rest day, its just the pre and post workout that aren't on there.

. One and a half cups of oats.
.6 eggs (4 whites, 2 whole eggs)
.Bowl of fruit

.3 table spoons of peanut butter on 2 slices of whole wheat bread.
. Piece of Fruit
. 1 up of broccoli

.2 cups of rice
.2 pieces of fish

.12 ounces of sweet potato
.2 pieces of fish
.2 cups of vegetables (raw, so it keeps more good stuff in)

Pre workout:
.Half a cup of oats.

Post workout:
.Whey Protein shake

This is 3000 calories a day.

I'm not really afraid of getting fat while bulking anymore either.
Taylor Latner looked great aster his bulk and he didn't cut.
The fat he did gain didn't make him look any worse, it filled him out more and made him look better in my opinion.

I'm doing Jason DB's 3x a week full body 5x5
Just a pretty simple 5x5, you know the drill.
Most of you will have seen it anyway.

I learned allot from all of you, and you've thought me to stop over thinking everything and just get on with it.

Tell me what you think of this plan



Pictures in attachment below.
Attached Images
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