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Thought I better update my training progress from this past week.

Flat DB press: 4x6 @95's with a Spot on set 4, will try 95s again until I rep them alone
Yates Row: 4x8 @ 185 I can still go heavier, time to bump it up
Inc BB Press: 3x10 @ 135 This was really surprising!
Chin Up Wide: 3x10-12 @ bodyweight (170 lbs) repped 10, 8, 6
Seated Triceps Extension: 2x15 @ 50lbs
BB Curl: 2x12 @ 105 repped 12, then 6. Huge decrease on 2nd set but I made a huge jump in weight so it was expected
Power Shrigs: 3x12 @ 185 lbs. Did them high as I could extending on to my toes. Traps have never been so sore! I have removed lateral raises for Power Shrugs both days...way more bang for my buck

**Lower has been interesting, from old herniax4/hip injuries, I have had to constantly adjust the weight. With some weeks being heavy, and others being light depending on how my body was feeling. This week I had to keep it fairly light.

Squats: 4x12@155 narrow duck footed stance, killed my low inner thigh!
Box Squats (Thursday) 4x6@285 Pretty good, but felt it in my scar tissues that night.
SLDL: 4X10 @ 185
Leg Extensions: 3x12 @ 150 lbs progress!
Seated Calf Raise: 3x15 @ 70lbs 2 second

*Skipped leg press this week, that one oddly bothered me the most

***Also I had reread the 'To Bulk or Cut' thread, and it really simplified the diet. My target weight of 180 x 16 due to activity level totaled 2880k. At first I tried 1 gram protein per pound of target weight, but that resulted in a carb intake of 470g, obviously too high. So I tried 1.5 for protein and here is my following split:

270g Protein
28g fats
382 grams carbs

This is a nice goal to be mindful of each day to hit those targets. I will see if I can get my protein intake this high, but I may have to drop it and increase my fats and carbs to make it more affordable. Thanks for the thread BTB!

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