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JCAM is off to a bad start

Well, I was thinking about a bodypart a day, (hoping that would motivate me enough to get back in) However, today Im pretty sore and I was actually thinking about the 1on, 2 off routine.
day 1 chest
day 2 off
day 3 back & biceps
day 4 off
day 5 shoulders & triceps
day 6 legs
day 7 off
as far as a routine? I have always been intrigued by Power and strength. I was actually thinking about the Bill Kazmaier routine and tweeking it out a bit. I am alittle afraid of pushing my shoulder to the limit though (hense the no more competiing). Unfortunatley for work I cant kill myself in the gym. Im a police officer so I should always save a little in the tank for work.....(I work in Detroit, so there is always the opportunity for things to go south quickly). Im gonna try to start running atleast 3-4 days per week. I found an ex-navy seal (Stew Smith) been following his ideas for years. He has a beginner running program that I thought looked easy enough.
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