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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
What is your view on the old school periodization/peaking programs that would last 12-20 weeks?
The key thing to remember about these programs is that they're a reflection of what great lifters did. They're not a 100% accurate, fool-proof program which declares what will happen. A lot of people don't get that.

To reach a peak, in a linear fashion, the idea is to work through from high reps and volume to lower reps and volume. This is markedly different from a conjugate approach where the peak strength is trained constantly. So to successfully reach a peak in a linear fashion it just makes sense to start a few months out, build a big base and them move forward to peak.

That idea seems to have gone out of the window with 160lbs weaklings on forums everywhere declaring "linear is dead" and other such nonsense or "high reps don't build strength". Well if that's true stop reading this, go jog off to email Coan and let him know he's full of shit.

It's obviously nonsense.

High reps, high volume build a bigger base and the bigger your base the higher your eventual peak. That's basic linear peaking and it works. I think this is where some of the confusion about power and bodybuilder training has come in recent years. With the popularisation of conjugate training where it's "singles for strength" and "higher reps for hypertrophy" people think that's a done deal, when it isn't. You need both to do both. BB'ers need lower reps just as much as PL'ers need higher ones. They go together, always have and always will.

Originally Posted by I WILL View Post
Fazc, I've noticed everyone seems to be using the ram or the sling shot and wrist wraps. I am wondering if it is something I should perhaps consider. I would be interested in your thoughts on wraps for woman?
Wrist wraps are good, they can save your wrists. I don't see a reason why you wouldn't wear wrist wraps if they gave you extra stability. Sling on the other hand is a tool, it can be good in some circumstances. I used to get shoulder/chest issues which the Slingshot solved, at the time I thought it was magic. Now? I've just grown a chest.

That's solved the problem as well.

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Sometimes I get that not-so-fresh feeling, what can I do?
Wash your vagina.
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