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Originally Posted by Dray View Post
I'm familiar with that perspective, for sure, heh.

Had any major injuries from lifting? Not wanting to be intrusive - don't need details or anything. Just curious, and also as to whether you believe any of them (if you've had any) could've been avoided via prehab. Which, true, would probably be annoying (for you) if you did believe that... but still.
I've had my share of little tweaks and strains, but nothing even close to a major injury from powerlifting. Now, olympic lifting, on the other high school I had multiple injuries including a smashed finger tip (they don't do well when they get pinned between a safety rack and 200lb falling from 3') and a broken wrist that left me wearing a cast for my senior football season and pushed me out of the gym for years later.

Then again, I don't lift enough weight to really mess me up that much, unless you're talking deadlift. To be honest, I was pretty scared when I pulled 500 a couple months ago. I know that those kind of numbers can mess you up, but holy crap, it sure was a thrill!

I did foam rolling for a little while. It felt great after I was done, but I don't really think any of that is a true requirement. I do PT almost every morning with my fellow soldiers. It's not intense PT, but we start with dynamic stretching, then we get out there and move. The biggest thing we do is also the simplest; we get down on the ground, then get back up. Then we do it over and over again. We get on our backs and do ab stuff, then we get up again. We get down and do pushups, then we get back up again. NOTHING keeps your hips healthy like just getting down on the ground and getting back up repeatedly. I also spend plenty of my day standing.

But I don't consider that prehap. I consider that using my body for it's intended purpose. People sit in chairs all day and never even THINK about getting on the ground, then try to stretch and do "prehab" for 10 minutes before lifting heavy, then wonder why they get injured.

Anyways, I'll get off my high horse now. I've tried alternating hot/cold showers, and it didn't seem to do anything but keep me from enjoying my showers. I did foam rolling, and probably still would if I could find the damn thing after we moved. I love a good static stretch when I'm sore as hell, and as I continue to get stronger/age I'll keep bringing more of this into my routine, but I don't stress about it.
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