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waygookin is off to a bad start

I should have been more detailed in my original post, so my apologies.

I can not squat or dl due to 2 herniated discs. If I did the next day I would likely not be able to get out of bed. With what I do now there is minor soreness but nothing like what those would cause.

My goal is to just get bigger. I am around 140lbs right now. 5'5 but 29 yrs old. Tired of looking like a 12 yr old. So I want to get up a little muscle then shred up later in the summer. And, as stated, I am eating around 500 cals over TDEE and I am loosely tracking macros. Trying to eat clean with minimal junk.

As for experience I have done workouts before. Then I did crossfit for like 6 months and had good (imo) strength gains. But I am pretty sure my last attempt at a max DL is what hurt my back. (I was at 365lbs going for 375 I think) Form was pretty solid until that attempt and I think I just used my back like an idiot.

But I am just starting back due to nursing my back. I am also going to incorporate a serious flexibility/stretch routine in as well for my back and overall flexibility.
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