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Originally Posted by Mombow111 View Post
I know from experience that I can loose weight while I gain strength (I went from 100lb dumbbles to 140lb on BP in this fashion) while I lost 5-10 pounds in the process, ultimately I was disapointed though because I didn't gain much in terms of muscle mass.
Losing weight while gaining strength is distinctly possible. Losing weight while gaining muscle size is MUCH harder.

From what you're saying, my translation is, you want to bulk. Equating "bulk" to simply "gain muscle". But you want to clean bulk...meaning, not get fat while bulking...and you want to increase strength as you go.

Is that accurate?

In short, it sounds like while you increased in strength, you were still in a calorie deficit and so lost weight and did not gain muscle.

Solution: Up the calories. To keep lean while doing so...

Well... a few things.

Expect that you will gain some fat. It's really hard not to.

However - a few suggestions (keep in mind - this is all from the opinion of someone who's struggled with this very it's study, not experience per se I'm talking from) for 'clean' bulking.

1. Supp with BCAAs.

2. Overall eat cleanly. Meaning, eat the macronutrients you need in their purest form...avoiding extra 'junk' calories when possible.

3. Do cardio - but don't overdo it

4. Don't stress about some fat. It's part of the game if you want to put on muscle.

4. Above all, get a calorie surplus...but keep it controlled. Getting an extra 500,000 calories ain't gonna help. The body can only deal with so much. I think (correct me if I'm wrong someone) that you're looking for +500 calories to bulk... Some will vote more...but if clean bulking, you don't want too many surplus.

5. It will take time to bulk clean. It might be worth considering a 'dirty' bulk. Why? Well, put on 15 lbs of muscle in a year, then cut the fat in another year and you're where you want to be in two. Or...bulk 'clean' for the next 10 and still don't quite have what you wanted. (Lengths of time just made up here...but you get the point, right?)

I, personally, think a full body workout is a harder way to put on lean muscle. I think it's too much for one sitting and likely as not to wear you out and so you won't be hitting the weights hard enough go grow.

I also think that your reps on some things are too high. I'm not one who buys into the low rep=strength, med=muscle, high=endurance school. But I do believe that doing high reps will fatique enough to inhibit growth. I think finding a balance of fatigue and shock to the muslce is ideal. For me, that sits in the 6-12 rep range. If I do more than 12 I get to fatigued too quickly and the volume suffers.

Muscle increase is about volume increase ultimately. Volume is weight x reps. So, really, if you want to increase muscle, find a way to increase volume either by constantly upping the weight through more reps/sets or more weight.

Follow this by getting the calories you need to support the muscle growth you're looking for and you'll see results.

I would bet serious money that any success you have not reached in the past can be linked, ultimately to diet. In other didn't eat enough if you didn't grow.

Hmm....I know I'm rambling on. And please keep in mind that these are my opinions and thoughts for consideration. There are lots of schools on this stuff.

Just my thoughts.

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