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@Folk Prophet: When I can't find any hot sauce for my babies.
Time and Form Will be my focuses, yah I realize that I'll be lifting a crap load less weight than usually but with something along the lines of this intensity A. I'd rather not sustain any additional downtime from unnecessary injuries and B. I can always add the weight again latter. To elucidate my statement about wanting 50% mass and 50% strength - I'm not looking to be a power lifter, I'm not looking to be a body builder- I just want to get bigger, and stronger with a fairly concrete and toned frame (ie. I have a six pack which I'd like to keep). My rational behind this is that I know from experience that I can loose weight while I gain strength (I went from 100lb dumbbles to 140lb on BP in this fashion) while I lost 5-10 pounds in the process, ultimately I was disapointed though because I didn't gain much in terms of muscle mass.

20 rep dead-lifts are something I'm completely new too, though I typically go for about 10 off a box (to allow myself to go deeper)- deadlifts have always been a mental feat for me anyway, if I need to do 20 at a reasonable weight than I'll get it done. In terms of soreness I generally only get sore on them after returning from a long lapse in using them or simply going all out a fixating on deadlifts during a single workout.. Recently I revitalized my entire strategy and have attributed a high concentration to using proper form with each technique, so yes my plan is to start of a weight that is not particularly. What I was implying when I said I've never done full-body before was that I never picked up a static routine for a full-body, recently I've been combining muscle groups to try to acclimate myself to what I might be experiencing.

The squats I've be a very big advocate of squats every since I started, I used to run 13 miles a day in my prime so I always had a good foundation in that particular aspect (as to breathing squats, I've been doing them for a little more than half a year, and have tried multiple variations in terms of volume). Calve presses I would be doing with my typical weight, but the squat I was considering doing body weight in respect to the fact that it might compress my ribcage as I was reading (but then again I'm doing hise-shrugs which are essentially the same thing except i'm basically mandated to do it above my body weight to get any intensity out of it- kinda countradicting my previous point, nay?).

Oh yah, I definitely feel you on spliting the deadlifts and squats (I've never felt comfortable on front squats though, would you say that they're important??); theres probably just so much strain I can take in a single day (perhaps I'll omit the drop sets until it start's getting 'easy' -_-).

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