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Default PA Dutch Strong 2 Meet Write Up

Alright guys, on yesterday I competed in my first strongman competition. Overall I am very happy with my results. It was a great experience. I am already looking forward to my next competition and really focusing my training on strongman.

I competed in the the Mens open LW under 231 class. I placed 4th overall out of 9 competitors. I was very close to third and the top 4 were very close point wise. In the events I train consistently I did very well. Here goes:

Log Clean and Press
This was last man standing, you can jump in any time but after you take one rep you have to take each one. 20 pound jumps. I started at 180, then 200, 220, 240, 260. On the 260, I missed the first press, but was able to catch the rack position and complete the rep. I missed 280, just barely. I pressed it and nearly had my elbows locked out and just could not quite get under it. This was a slater 12 inch log, much more awkward than my log. Tied for second on this event, and 260 is a PR.

Tire Flip
660 pound tire for up to 10 reps or 1 minute. This tire was terrible and everyone struggled with it. Only 1 person got the 10 reps, this was my buddy I used train with in the summer. He is a tire flipping animal. I completed 5 reps, which was good for third. The tire was slippery and just difficult to get my shoulders into. The heavy weights used the same tire and they also struggled.

Farmers Walk
250 pounds in each hand, walk down 40 ft drop, turn around and re pick. 40 feet back. I finished this in 14.2 seconds. Very happy with this event. I took second, my buddy took first with 13.6. The rest of the field was a few seconds behind us. Awesome. Going into deadlifts I was in second place.

18 inch Deadlifts
This is where things started to go down hill. This was wessels rule, so three attempts, 50 pound jumps. You can start when you want and skip weights. I opened at 500. I got this, but my lower back was killing me. My low back was fatigued, now I am thinking it was a severe cramp but at the time I thought it was much worse. I went for 550, got welded and called. I tied for 4th on this I think, a lot of competitors missed the 550.

Atlas Stone over 52 inch bar.
The stone weight was 280 pounds and an 18inch stone. Just huge, over a very high bar. This was above my nipple line. I never really trained stones, so this was going to be a surprise. 4 people went ahead of me and only one person got the stone over the bar. So I lapped it easily, and went up. I did not take the stone up high enough and could not quite get it over. As I struggled to push it over, I nearly blacked out. I dropped the stone got really dizzy and staggered half way across the gym and went down to a knee. Called it there, but I was very happy with how easy the stone went up. If it was a lower bar I think I would have gotten 2-3 reps. The best for this event was 4, and second place got 2. So not bad.

Overall, I had a great time. This was a lot more fun than any powerlifting comp I have done. Everyone was great and helpful. There was a ton of cheering. I am happy with my results for my first competition. Top 4 were close in points and then there was a drop off. I now know what I need to work on and will get better. I think I would like to get some stones and really blast them. Warming up with some lighter stones was an awesome time, I can not wait to get back to training.

I am very sore today, my back traps and shoulders are super sore. My legs feel pretty good. This week will be pretty light. Maybe mid week I will do some heavier training. Next week I plan on starting the cube method for strongman. But I need to get some stones, stat! I am very motivated by this competition. I now have a better idea where I stand.
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