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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Hi CS,

Most guys simply aren't going to do both well, if at all, at the same time. Beginners can sometimes gain muscle while losing fat, but all this is generally sub-optimal. It's like trying to hit 2 targets with one bullet.

Best to do like you are doing - lost the fat you want to lose while training for muscle. that is the only thing you can control. You can't get weak while cutting or else you will lose muscle.

Let me ask where your current strength levels are, how many calories are you eating per day and how many grams of protein per day? Also what is your age?
Im 19 years old. I'm a newbie.Started two months ago and have gotten real into it. I can bench press Bar+45 each side 10 times. I can dead-lift Bar+ 55 each side 5 times for 2 reps. And i can Squat the Bar+65 on each side for 10 reps. As for Calorie intake I've never actually measured accurately but i believe its about anywhere from 2000-2500 (all of this being healthy foods, no junk food, no pop, just water etc.) For Protein Id say about 100g on days that i don't work out and 140g on days that i do. Two scoops of whey everyday and an extra two after work out.
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