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Raw Unity Meet 6
Tampa, Florida

I made weight easier than my previous meet, last November, probably due to drinking more water during the three-day superhydration period, ending about 24 hours before weigh-in. For this meet, I drank 2.8 gallons on the third day, and 2.1 or 2.2 in November. I also used the sauna, but not for too long. I didn't drink a bottle of magnesium citrate, which I used for the Nov meet for the first time. Made weight around 11:45 AM, much earlier than Nov, which was close to 7:00 PM.

1st: 435.4 (good lift)
2nd: 468.5 (good lift)
3rd: Passed

^ I lowered my 2nd attempt from 473 to 468 because the opener felt more difficult than it should've, causing me to lean forward more than I wanted. Didn't take a 3rd because I didn't smoke it, though it wasn't the most brutal grinder either. Like the past few meets, I was conserving my strength/energy for the bench and dead. Thinking about it later, maybe I should've tried another 2.5 or 5kgs with a 3rd, because it was the biggest raw meet of the year, would've improved my national rankings for the squat and total, along with my placing for the meet.

- The 468.5 was a 3.5lb meet PR, but also 1.5lbs below my gym PR of 470, one month prior to RUM, in my latest skills evaluation.

Bench Press
1st: 275.5 (good lift)
2nd: 292.1 (no lift)
3rd: 292.1 (no lift)

^ My plan was to choose 286 for my 2nd, not 292, but I saw a friend who I hadn't seen in years, and besides giving me the lift-offs in the warmup area and on the platform, he convinced me to pick a heavier 2nd attempt because he was a little overzealous about me possibly beating one of the other 165lb lifters who he apparently dislikes. I should've stayed with my intended # because I failed both the 2nd and 3rd near the end. Disappointed because I left 11lbs on the platform, and also would've defeated one guy who had a total that was only 5.5lbs higher than mine.

- The 275.5 was a 5.5 meet PR, but also 19.5lbs below my gym PR of 295 (paused), in that same skills eval.

1st: 534.6 (good lift)
2nd: 584.2 (good lift)
3rd: 600.7 (no lift)

^ 534 was a joke, and 584 was a little difficult, not a grinder. I pulled 600 to slightly above my knees, but couldn't finish it. Maybe I would've been successful with 595 after 584, another weight that I was thinking about choosing, but that's okay. I'll smash 590 and then give 600 another ride when I compete again, hopefully strong enough for both.

- The 584.2 was a 9.2lb meet PR, but also 5.8lbs below my gym PR of 590, one month ago, same day as the other two gym PRs.

Total: 1328 @ 164.2

- I enjoyed competing at my first RUM, along with meeting a bunch of great lifters for the first time, including Tony Conyers, Paul Nguyen, Tom Roselli, Vashon Perryman, Ellen Stein, Johnny Vasquez, Eric Talmant, and Jamie Lewis. Definitely looking forward to my next meet, most likely in May, then probably another one or two before the end of the year, and the next RUM in January or February 2014.

Max Misch RUM VI Debut! | Powerlifting Watch

RPS - Open 165 Raw - 07.13.13
1365 Elite/Pro Total (475,300,590)
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