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Well guys, I'm done with my routine for today and this is the deal;

This is 1morerep logging a 30 days experience with Juggernaut HP from Infinite Labs. Iím 40 years, been Lifting weights for aprox 20 years but only the last three as a hardcore to the bone powerlifter. Been couple times at Westside Barbell in Ohio to learn about Powerlifting and proper technique and currently I train at Metal Militia Powerlifting Gym in the Virginia Chapter.

I was looking for a pre-work-out that donít make me crash at the end of my work out, keep me concentrate all the way thru my session and donít make me jittery. In addition, is a plus if the flavor is good. Thatís why I came to Infinite labs. The company and products credentials and previous log are here for evidence and hopefully I get what Iím looking for.

My training is 90% powerlifting but because Iím in the Army, I going to be logging from time to time some cardio & cross training session. I still need to be able to pass my 2 miles runÖgrrrr!!!!

In the next 30 days, I going to push my self to exceed the numbers that I just made in my last meet by at least 10 lbs over per event. I going to be training for another meet on May and all this training in conjunction with Infinite Labs, MaB members and family support I going to exceed those goal


Juggernaut HP and dosage

Went straight for two scoop of Raspberry Flavor and 12 oz of water. Mix fast, no problems, flavor is excellent.


Feel the pump, and went to my warm up and right after that, 225lbs for reps for a first setÖ

Day # 1

Flat Bench Press

1 - 225lbs x 19

4 - 225lbs x 10

2 Ė 245 x 10

1 x 250 x 10

2 x 250 + 50lbs chain x 5

Barbell Row

3 x 10 @125lbs

Barbell Skull crushers

3 x 135lbs

Over head triceps extension

2 x 10 @ 125lbs

1 x 15 @ 100 lbs

This is almost the same routine that I did for my previous meet plus some tweak on it. Gave me good result and Iím sticking to it.

During the past hour an half I felt a euphoric energy that I havenít felt for a while when lifting. Feeling was felt during my whole training session and a little bit more after. I felt a little bit itchy after the first 30 minutes but did not send me in rush mode to the bathroomÖif you know what I mean. So far Juggernaut HP is looking good for the home team.

I give 10 to the taste because is really good. I still have others in my closet for over a year because there is no way to drink that stuff.

Mix is a 10 because mix very easy and fast with no big chunks on it or residue at the bottom.

So far for strength I give 9 because Iím till new to it and I need to give it a longer try. But is good for sure.

Focus x 10. Completed my session with no hick ups or faults.

Pump x/9 during the whole session.

Overall Performance so far is 9.5 Ė 9.6 which is perfect in anybodyís book. I definitely will recommend this product.

I did the whole routine with no problems and plenty of gas on my tank. Yes Iím exhausted but after all this lifting, who donít? I will update tomorrow how I feel after this training session, with squat day and a bad azz attitude. Go no where!!!
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