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Sorry for the late update, had started a new job this past week along with school but I kept training hard! I smashed some goals on this upper/lower split this week, and tomorrow begins my 3rd week of this 8 week trial. If all continues well I will run this routine until progression stalls.

Anyway here is my lifts for this past week:

Flat DB press: 4x6 @ 90's (progress!)
Yates Row: 4x8 @ 175 (smashed!)
Inc BB Press: 3x10-12 @ 125 only repped 10, 8, 8, room for improvement
Chin Up Wide: 3x10-12 @ bodyweight (170 lbs) repped 8, 8, 8 this was progress!
Close Grip Bench: 2x15 @ 115lbs no problem! going up!
BB Curl: 2x12 @ 85lbs fell one rep short on second set, but pounded out one rest pause to get me to 12, on tuesday I had to do 4 rest pauses!
Lateral Raises: 3x12 @ 15 lbs never used 15's before but they felt good! Will add a set this week.

Squats: 4x6 @ 215 will be back up to 225 tomorrow then I will progress!
SLDL: 4X10 @ 185 might lighten it up to ease the lower back hammering in this routine
Leg Press 3x12 @ 320 lbs progress!
Leg Extensions: 3x12 @ 130 lbs progress!
Seated Calf Raise: 3x15 @ 55lbs 2 second pause at bottom; had to lighten the weight to get a better result from calf raise. Will continue to progress with my slower tempo on this exercise.

I missed my conditioning jogs this week, but I did play some outdoor hockey instead! If I can replace running with a sport or hill sprints I always will! Progress is taking place, I am most happy with my flat db press as i have never repped 90s before, let alone for 4 sets of 6! Coming off that Powerbuilding Routine for 6 weeks my chest must have gotten stronger. My gym only has DBs up to 110s, never dreamed of using them before, but now thats my goal in 6 weeks!

Diet is still pretty good, drinking the same shake every morning, then mid-morning/mid-day I have my fruit and 400 cals of nuts, then lift, and smash a dinner with a starchy carb source, meat and salad; repeat the meal if hungry, and one more protein shake and milk before bed. Typically runs me around 2500-3000 calories depending on the dinner being repeated or not. Obviously being a carb heavy diet, but mainly from fruit/sweet potatoes/rice etc.

Thanks for the support!
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