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Cube Week 5

Foam rolling
More lat stretching

Bench press
Bar x lots x 2 with more back stretching in between
60kgs x 5
80kgs x 3
100kgs x 3
120kgs x 2
All of these reps were paused an inch or so above the chest to increase pop off the chest. If Spoto does it, so should you.
Add 3 board
140kgs x 3
150kgs x 2
157.5kgs x 1
165kgs x Miss. Technical miss; touched too low.
165kgs x Miss. Strength miss. Probably from missing the first one

Punishment time

After the second miss I took my wraps off, stripped the bar, re-wrapped and went straight into:

CGBP (paused 1" off chest)
85kgs for 2 sets of 12
75kgs x 9

Incline dumbell press
22kgs x 12
22kgs x 9 triceps pump from hell so just couldn't lock out, rested a few breaths and then finished the set with 3 more

Chest flies with super mini bands
3 sets of 10

Supersetted with Barbell military press
40kgs x 8
30kgs x 8
30kgs x 10 last 3 reps weren't quite locked out

Super mini band pushdowns for 3 sets of as long as possible which was probably somewhere from 50 down to 30 reps

Hammer curls with football bar
2 sets of 30 reps with the 18kgs bar

Still can't eat properly, worked like a demon all day, straight home, put Mini to bed, forgot preWO, stiff from deadlifts; none of it matters. It was still my mothereffing set (YouTube CT Fletcher if you don't get that reference).

Presses were ok but as ever with the 3 board I should have spent longer warming up on it to find the groove. Dumped the first one too low and was too tired for the second. My rules for misses go something like: technical miss is ok, try again. Strength miss, volume and minimal rest assistance for punishment so my triceps got spanked tonight. 30kgs shoulder press was a joke. I could throw it over my head but could not for the life of me straighten my arms to lock it out. Pump from hell. Next week is a deload bench week with floor press reps before getting back in the shirt for the final push before the meet which is sneaking up fast. 5 weeks out on Sunday.

Sunday's squats are heavy: 3 sets of 2 @ 205kgs and then I'm thinking of two reps in full gear @ 217.5kgs and 230 if I'm feeling good. Got Mrs Al's Stepdad coming with me. He will be handling me again this time so I'm going to teach him how to wrap my knees.

Bad sessions are the yin to the yang of good ones.
Don't call it a comeback
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