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Thanks fellas! I really appreciate the support!!

Today was awesome! I really feel like I've got deadlifts figured out. I mean not perfect, but really close. A lot of video today, sorry about that, but I'm really trying to get this thing sorted out. And I knowI'm on the right track because today was EASY. I squatted heavy 2 days ago and usually would not be 100% with deadlifts 48 hours later, but I was today. AND I do not feel any soreness in my lower back for now going on two deadlift sessions in a row. Usually my low back is dinged up by deadlifts. Not anymore. Very excited.

Oh, by the way went ahead and did the arm workout too JB. HaHa! That was a killer. I know you didn't intend it to be done all in one day like this, but I figured what the hell. Oddly enough it was my biceps that wore out way before triceps.
Took a picture afterward too. I was JACKED. Have to see if BtB can put it in my log for me as I don't know how to link pictures. Measured my flexed upper arm afterward too. 15.25 inches.

Anyway, enough rambling.

JBPP week 11 complete.

Warmups: some swings and a moment of silence.

Speed: 3x 3x 275 (was a bit awkward trying to squeeze off the floor and yet go fast. Messed with my mind)
Regular: 3x 2x 315 ( haha. these were probably faster than the 275s!)

Giant Circuit:
Shrugs: 3x 10x 245 (hold at top and lower slowly, no body english)
Double Hammers: 3x 1 min. x 23DB ( Last set only 40 sec.)
Tricep Kickbacks: 3x 10x 23DB
Iso Curls: (2 x 23 haha, no way!) 3x 20x 10 lb plate
Band pressdown: 3x 20x med band

hamstring and arm stretches to finish.

First 275 set:
Second 275:
Third 275:
First 315 set:
Second 315:
Third 315:

There you go. I know it's not very heavy weight, but 315 is actually 85% of my best deadlift and I was toying with it today, so that's a good sign.

Bring on week 12! I'm back on track and feeling GOOD!

If I was picking second attempts JB, I'd be thinking something like 350 Squat, 260 bench, and 355 DL, but obviously I don't know what I'm doing, so I'm curious what you are going to recommend. Be interesting to see how close I am. haha.

All is good with the universe, long may that continue!

Should have some time to check out logs tonite too, sorry, been a slacker with that lately!

Have a nice weekend everybody!
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