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Originally Posted by SecondsOut View Post
hey brother, good to see you posting

sounds like you need some sort of stable standard by which to begin planning your diet. i'll tell you what i'd do, but i'm not an authority on nutrition or training. if some of the more experienced members chime in with something different, go with their advice.

i'd start by deciding on a goal weight, say 200 lbs. now you can figure out your basic protein needs -- 1 gram per lb. of body weight is a good start, at least. so that's one of your macros figured out: 200 grams of protein.

what about carbs and fat? different people suggest different splits. i've seen 40% carbs, 40% fat, 20% protein. i've also seen 33% carbs, 33% fat, 33% protein. and of course there are lots of radical variations depending on your nutrition goals. let's go with the 2nd one: 33%/33%/33%.

here is a rough estimate of calories per macronutrient:
1g protein = ~4 calories
1g carbohydrate = ~4 calories
1g fat = ~9 calories

so if 200g protein will be 33% of your total calories, then...
33% protein = ~200g = ~800 calories
33% carbs = ~200g = ~800 calories
33% fat = ~90g = ~800 calories

so you're looking at ~2,400 calories total. again, i don't guarantee any particular results with this "plan," this is just perhaps an entry point into beginning to plan your diet. i hope you'll set up a diet and/or a training log so that we can check out the specifics of what you're doing!
Originally Posted by LtL View Post
Start off by posting up what you are eating now and we can see what we need to adjust.
HI please find my currently routine as enclosed.

6 - 7 = Gym
7- 7:30 = Protien (Hydro Whey)
After taking bath and after atlest one hour to protien shake a Breakfast of Oatmeal or Cornflakes with skimmed milk.
9 - 9:30 = office.
10:30 = Green Tea
11:30 = Green Tea
12:30 = Hydroxycut Elite Cap (One)
1:00 = Lunch (two Chapattis, One Vegitable, Curd and before lunch I ensure that i drink atleast Five glasses of Water.
1:30 = Green Tea
2 - 5 = atleast four to Six Glasses of Water.
5:30 = Green Tea
6:30 = Back to Residence
7:00 = Some oatmeals
8:30 = Dinner (Two Chapattis, One Vegitable)
9:30 = A Small Walk
10:00 = Bedtime
Chapattis are round breads made of Wheat.
Chapatis are made from a firm dough made from flour (whole grain common wheat)
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