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Winning indeed.

My new toys are HERE!!!! So I pulled my new bar from it's packaging, unwrapped my knee wraps and got to work. Unfortuantely, my camera messed up and for some reason the videos I took didn't get stored on the SD card, so no video tonight.

Tonight is an exciting night, for a few reasons. I've decided to commit myself to powerlifting. I've been moved at work to a different area, a different platoon. I'm going to be working in the office, doing administrative work while the majority of our company goes over to afghanistan for a deployment. I've taken this transition as a sign, and decided to no longer persue Air assault, or worry that much about my running. I'll keep myself in good enough shape to pass the PT test with no worries, but I'm going to focus almost all of my training time on getting stronger.

I'm still going to cut, but not as vigorously. I'll wait and get my cut on during my next cycle. That means it's time. Time to commit myself to the iron. Time to see what I can get my body to do.


Wraps on-
345x3 PR

Barbell calf presses-


1 whole pizza and 1 extra slice so far.

Yup, I'm getting my carb on tonight to celebrate my newfound commitment to powerlifting.

My new bar, the Roque fitness economy bar, is frekin' AWESOME. If this is the economy version, I can't imagine how good the power bars feel. The knurling is finer but also more agressive than I'm used to. I'm going to be able to pull a freaking bus with this bar. The ribs on the sleeves are awesome and grab the collars well, and the sleeves spin very well.

I also got to try my new Roque knee wraps. I used knee wraps, back when I was in high school. Today was my first time since, and it's going to take some getting used to, but I'll get the hang of it after a few more sessions. I don't have knee pain, and didn't really find that I could lift any more weight with them on, but they also felt awkward which could have negated any positive impact they may have had on how much I could lift. I'll keep messing with them and we'll see what happens.

When I was watching one of the videos back (during the session) I noticed just how pathetic my calves look. I wasn't training them because I didn't want to hinder my running ability, but now I don't care about that, so I'm going to start training them and stop making excuses.

Tomorrow should be Bench day, which is awesome because it means I get to start breaking in my slingshot!
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