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Originally Posted by renroz View Post
Anyone provide e tips for How to Lose Belly Fat ?
There is no miracle cure for belly fat or the other types of body fat the body carries. In addition, dependent upon the calorie numbers and ratio of macros/micros, the body does not discriminate in using muscle and/or fat for its personal needs when some type of deficit is present. I say some type of deficit, because one can not only create a calorie deficit, they also can cause different shortages through glucose depletion, which is another form of deficit adjoined with a calorie deficiency.

How much from muscle or fat depends on genetics (like hormonal balance of the good and the bad, what is eaten in regards to calories and macros, and the stresses/rebuild as provided by weight lifting, exercise, foods eaten, and rest periods), etc. In addition, when fat deposits are taken, it is generally genetically determined, and is taken from general parts of the body. I wish there were away to make the body partition calories from one certain area, but this does not happen.

What one person does to rid the last few pounds, just depends. It depends on the person, and needs to be personally examined.

For example, when a person had a lot of fat to lose, and they kept a dietary log history, they know what worked when the BF was high. And, during the time they lost this BF, if they took the time to study macros (carbohydrates, most notably, but all of them), calorie manipulation specific to their personal situation, they begin to realize that there are many legit ways to manipulate their diet, other than...the straight calorie deficit (of say -500, mod carbs, high Protein, mod fat) diet that worked when their body fat was high.

In addition, if they took the time to study different types of exercise (rep ranges, exercise tension, rest periods, etc), one would also begin to realize that one could manipulate their routine---to fit their manipulated diet for tissue loss.

Another example (personal example). I am not sensitive to carbs, and it simply did not matter what I ate, as long as some type of caloric deficit was present when BF was high. When BF got low, about 9%, things changed. What was happening is the body was turning on and off certain things in my body, my body weight was lower (which changes calorie needs), and my body was not burning calories as it were, when my bf was a higher (more acceptable) range for my body to tolerate. In addition, this also assumes (which was the case), that the rate of loss is also slower as compared to when BF is higher, and is one reason people get frustrated---but the wait and diet manipulation is worth it, if you just keep eye balling what is happening, and educate your path you are wanting to take.

What I did, is focus on liver glucose depletion. I have learned that I do not have to "fully" deplete my approximate stores to get what I want (thank God, trust me on this one). I would set carbohydrates at about 60 to 80g, with high protein, high fat, and associate this with low rest, high rep (to burn more proportion of carbohydrates per working set) 12 to 15, for upper and lower sessions. Though "overly briefed" this is what I did to get current BF of about 7% (actually lower as of yesterday). I am happy where I am at, and now I am on a maintenance diet and weight lifting schedule, thinking on what to do next.

If you need specific help, just give me a yell, and I will see what this old-@ss can do for ya .

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:

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