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HaHa. Well not too long ago I was 10 Kg lighter than you Kuyt, and now I'm about 10 Kg heavier! So it's all in what you are looking for, buddy. And thanks. I'm pretty sure my deadlift is going to rise from here on out. FIngers crossed anyway.

Thanks SB, JB's program is incredible. I just need to take his advice more often!

Thanks JB. Yeah, you did mention that.

Thanks Jim, Mike, OMP and KD. It was a clunker alright but I've done that weight before and I'll do it, and more, soon enough.

Good day today. Bench was no problem at all. Maybe should have pushed it, but after yesterday I decided to follow the plan and not go off the reservation.

JBPP week 11

warmups: just brief arm and shoulder stuff during warmup sets. My shoulders feel great lately and I wanted to get going.

Pause Bench:
3x 205
2x 225
1x 245
1x 260
(tempted to double it as I'm pretty sure I'd have got it, but racked instead of risking something. Bench is really going good. No sense rocking that boat)

Closse Grip:
5x 185, 195, 205, 195, 185
No trouble. Did these mostly flat backed to save my low back from arching.

1x 260:
5x 185:
Kept hitting the safeties was the only trouble!
5x 205:

There you go. Pretty easy day. I feel really good (well inner thighs and quads screaming a bit from those squats, but nothing serious), and I've got a busy weekend taking the kids to the circus and a church thing on Sunday, so I'm just gong to crack on and finish up the week tomorrow.

That way, I have the whole weekend to recover and I get back to a normal M-T-Th-F. I hate that I'm all off schedule.

6 weeks until the meet! Defintely psyched about hitting some big number soon!
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