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Thanks guys, I really do appreciate you all checking out what I'm doing.

I'm like a kid with a new toy, with these chains! More experimenting tonight, and more revelations. One of my very favorite shoulder movements is the BTN overhead press. NOTHING pumps up the middle head of my delts like these guys. It's like shoving boulders in where my shoulders once were. Unfortunately, I can't load them like I want to because of my bad shoulders.

Chains to the rescue! I can load the top end of the movement as much as I want, while taking the strain off my shoulders at the bottom, all while getting full ROM! After getting the chains set up just right, It was off the the races.

BTN overhead press, pointers on the rings-

Spotted wide-grip pullups-

BTN overhead press-

Spotted pullups, opposing close grip-

45lb plate held in both arms x 15
45lb plate held in both arms x 13

When I write these pump workouts out they always seem so pathetic in retrospect, but damn, at the time I sure do feel them! Pump in my shoulders was so huge that the pullups actually got them going again. And who doesn't want to get in at least a couple sets of curls, for the ladies?

This was a good little session, just to get the blood pumping and make sure I don't lose too much size up top from this cut.

Speaking of my cut, it's going swimmingly if I do say so myself. This morning I was down to 226.6, from a high of 238 during my Sdrol cycle. I've been getting in some good cardio to help get my run down, but I still feel good and strong with a bar in my hands. All in all, I feel great about my training right now. In the lext few weeks I should be in the low 220's.

As for that cycle I mentioned, I'm in week 3 of PCT now and it's going great. NO side effects, libido is good, no testicular shrinkage at any point, and I feel healthy as a horse!

I'm excited beyond belief about getting my new stuff in the next few days. If my new bar, slingshot, and knee wraps help half as much as the chains have helped, I'll consider it all a huge success. BIG numbers in the future, all at a very low bodyweight! At one point in the next few years, I WILL have a triple bodyweight deadlift, and you can take that to the bank.
Current PRs at 242, raw w/ wraps- 525, 355, 605, 1485
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