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Thanks JB and LtL. It's funny, I never though of deadlifts that way. Accelerating them. Bench and squats, I just rip into them and slow down as it gets heavy, deadlifts apparently have to start slow and build up. It goes against my nature! I felt like those lifts were total grinders, but looking at them now, I can see what you are talking about.

Thanks fellas! A little derail on the PR train today, but it was just stupidity, not strength. You'll see. I video'd the carnage.

JBPP week 11

warmups: hip and leg stuff

3x 295
2x 325 (no trouble, blasted these right up)
1x 350 ( bit of a clanger)
0x 375 (Fuaarrrkk!, should not have made this attempt and I knew it going in but ignored the warnings)

Wide Squats:
205x 8, 8, 12 (punished myself a little, was supposed to be 4x 5x 205)

First set of 205:
Last set of 205:

I felt great going in to today, was banging out reps right up until the shank with 350, but I felt like the weight was no problem, just an off rep. Warning 1.

Couldn't get the bad rep out of my head going in to the 375, so wasn't 100% sure and tried to pysche myself up to artificially be sure. That never works with me. Going in calm and determined works for me, not talking to myself. Warning 2.

Finally, I could not get a good setup under the bar. It never felt right, but I was taping so instead of getting it right, I just said eff it and went anyway. Should never have unracked it, and certainly should have re-racked it once I did. Strike 3 and you're out!

So that rep was doomed from the get go. You'd think a monkey would have more common sense than that.

I didn't hurt myself. Best that can be said. And I can do that weight for certain. Just not today dammit.

There you go.

Bench tomorrow and I'm going to combine Deadlift and auxillary stuff after that.

Live and learn. Videos in a bit. Apparently Youtube processors working slow today.
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