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300x10!! Yet another rep PR today. This might be my last workout that I can pull this off for now. This was HARD. I know my form was a bit off, I could feel it, see it in the mirror, and I videoed it where I saw the struggle as well. It still felt pretty good, and I don't foresee any significant soreness from this. I double checked today, and the "mini-meet" is actually Saturday, not Friday as I was expecting. This works out because of the extra day off I took yesterday for my elbow. Now the meet will fall on my already planned squat/bench/deadlift day.

As I sort of knew would happen, strength gave out on the 4th rep of the 265 set. I'm a little bummed because I was hoping to have just enough in the tank to finish this set, but I'm going to go ahead and back it down next time to ramp 235x5, 245x5, and try to get 255x7. I'll probably do this two A days in a row, then move the ramp sets up. I'm going to try to find some 1lb "something" to hang on the ends to go 257x7, and so on.

I wanted to see how much I could pull today after all the other work before 1. Form broke down, which happened at 315. 2. I started feeling the pull in the wrong places, which happened at 385. I might have had another 5-10lbs in me, but I wasn't going to push it today. It's still progressing, just slower than my squat. Progress is progress, ja?

Overall a good day. I had no one waiting for my equipment, so I took an extra minute or two between work sets. I could have gotten some better sleep prior, maybe been a bit better hydrated. I wasn't sweating buckets like normal, so I might have been a bit low on water. I'm currently loading up on water, because as far as I know, there's no weight classes for the mini-meet, it's just for the 1000# club tshirts.

Current plan for lifts are
Squat 350 Bench 255 Deadlift 335
Second Attempt:
Squat 375 Bench 275 Deadlift 365
Third Attempt:
Squat 390 Bench 300 Deadlift 385

I know this leaves me just 25 shy of a RAW 1100, but I've got a laundry list of excuses, top of the list being that I'm just not quite mentally ready. I'll hit that 400 squat and deadlift very soon. I might even go for broke on the squat and attempt more for the third attempt. If that goes well, and I'm feeling good on the first two bench attempts, I'll probably try to hit the 1100. I'm going to play that third attempt by ear rather than making a concrete plan before I make my first attempts. I was shocked last time at how exhausted I was from the adrenaline pumping all day. I'll be expecting it this time.

I'll post the horrible attempt at videoing myself as soon as it finishes the upload to YouTube. Hopefully there's enough of me in the video to get some critiques.
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