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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Speedys looked smooth and easy.
They felt great. Working with chains is definitely different. I've found that all of a sudden I truly understand dynamic speed work. Pushing through the whole movement, and engaging every muscle possible to do it.

Today I tried Bench with chains. Again, it was a learning experience. I trained late, so no video today, but I'll list what I did.

Speed paused bench-
bar x5
225+50x1 (Mistake! too heavy to quick.)

Close grip triceps press (just off the smooth)-
135+50x8 (added fat gripz for this set.)

It took me a while to get the chains set up right for each lift, but when I do it's magical. Halfway down I feel the hanging plates hit the ground and the weight gets light. Light enough that I feel like I can throw the bar through the roof, and damned if I don't try to. On the bench I focussed on feeling like my whole body was pushing the bar, from my traps down to my feet. I treated the bar as if it was trying to crush me and I had to use every ounce of muscle I had to push it off me as hard as possible. I've never felt that before, believe it or not!

Notice that I didn't write close grip bench press. Nope, this was a triceps press. I started like a close grip bench, then once I got near the bottom and the chains hit the ground instead of bringing the bar straight down, I bent my arms and brought the bar back towards my head over so slightly. Then I started the lift my engaging my triceps and starting to extend my arms. Only after my triceps were engaged did I start to push with my chest as well.

I'll try to get a video of the triceps press next time I do it. It's hard to explain, but it absolutely nailed my triceps.

I wish I could do MOAR!!! Alas, my training for the moment can only be for maintenance. I can't wait to finish my cut, get my weight down, then start to get STRONGER again. 315 paused bench, 405 squat, 600 deadlift. They'll all be mine soon.

I've talked to my wife about competing. She wants to do it, and I think it will motivate her even more to know that I want to do it too. After a couple years we'll be able to take my daughter and go have a blast competing as a family.
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