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Hi All,

My name is Scott. I want to get strong. I'm 6'2" and 210lbs and 40 years old. My passion has always been martial arts. I've always wanted to be strong, but hadn't really figured out how to go about it.

I started Strong Lifts 5X5 at the first of the year and have been loving it. I've been following the program as it is and am on week 8. I was a bit frustrated starting with the light weights, but have adopted a long term perspective about what I want to accomplish. The weights are starting to get heavier, though I haven't had to deload yet. I can feel myself getting stronger and love it!

I have set my goals for the year and I wonder if they are possible? I'm starting to think they are. I want to squat 300, dead lift 400, bench 225, press 185 by the end of the year.

Looking ahead...After I top out of SL 5X5, I'm going to start the Onus Wunsler Starting Strength novice program without the power cleans because I want to dead lift at least once a week.

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