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Zad0107 is off to a good startZad0107 is off to a good startZad0107 is off to a good start

Hello everyone.
Nice to meet you all. I'm 46 based in uk. Been training on and off for a number of years nothing very serious and mis directed I think.
About 4 years ago I gave myself a fitness kick in the ass, jacked in smoking drinking and eating badly. Then I hit the gym going mad on running cycling swimming spinning and the likes until I was basically a 11st 5 bag of skin and sinues. Then I started spartan workouts and kettlebell stuff. Put on a bit of lost muscle became a bit defined and thought hey this is good. I am now into week 7 of stronglifts and showing some good gains though beginning to plateau a little here and there.
For once I feel as though my lifting is showing results not massive gains but gains. I'm more focused than ever and keen to improve
I'm here to share my training woes and goals and will greatly accept any help from you guys out there.
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