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cairnsey08 is off to a good startcairnsey08 is off to a good startcairnsey08 is off to a good start
Default Can I do this full body split 3 days in a row ?

Day 1 - Chest and triceps
BB bench press 4x8-12
Incline dbell 4x8x12
Pec deck, chest press or cable crossovers 4x8-12
Tricep bench dips 4x10-12 (add weight on upper legs if too easy, do @ slow tempo)
Tricep pushdown 4x10-12

Day 2 - Back and Biceps
Deadlifts 4x6-10
Wide grip Lat pulldown or wide grip chins 4x8-12
Close grip lat pulldown or close grip chins 4x8-12
Bent over BB rows 4x8-12
BB or dbell shrugs 4x8-12
Seated rows 4x8-12
EZ bar curls 4x8-12
Hammer curls 3x8-12

Day 3 - Legs and Shoulders
Squats 4x12
Stiff legged deadlifts 4x12
Calve raises 4x12
Leg press 4x12
BB or Dbell shoulder press 4x8-12
Front raises 3x8-12
Side laterals 3x8-12

Abs Sit ups 4x15, Russian twists with medicine ball 4x15, plank 4x30seconds (twice a week)
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