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Default Brute's SPF Meet Recap

I wanted to do a quick recap of the SPF powerlifting meet I did this weekend. I totaled 1170 with a 375 Squat, 260 Bench, and 535 Deadlift.

Before I get too much further in, I want to thank all the folks at the meet for running a smooth, easy going event and for being patient and helpful for a first timer. I had a great time and every athlete and judge was fantastic.

To set the mood properly, I got about 3 hours of sleep the night before, was nervous as heck, and somewhat lost on how these things run. When I finally got weighed in, I tipped the scales at 320 pounds, no big surprise there.

The meet ran very quickly, there were only 4 full power competitors, a handful extra who were bench only, and a deadlift only. The whole thing was over in about 3 hours once it got started.

My opening squat, 315, was incredibly easy. Nothing much going on there. 350 went up fairly quickly, and was really not much of a strain. At that point, I had to make a decision on what to take next, and really wanted 385, but settled on 375 as that is 20 pounds over anything Iíve previously done before and I felt pretty confident in it. Iím glad I played it safe as I began to good morning 375 some. Once I began to good morning the weight, it actually felt like it weighed nothing at all and just floated slowly up. Weird right?

Bench was pretty similar. 225 was nothing in my hands. Not that it really should be, its warm up weight to most people who have been lifting for a while, but 2 plates was a big mile stone for me. 250 was solid, but a little bit of a strain. On 260, my right arm flared out and I thought I was going to miss the lift, but I got into grind mode and just let the weight move. A big focus moving forward will be to learn how to get tighter during the bench. I think this will help propel me into the 300s, hopefully quickly.

Finally it was time for my favorite lift. Deadlifts are what took me from being a squat rack curler and turned my into a strongman and powerlifter. Actually I suppose its paying the fees and competing that turned me into those, but deads made me want to.

450, my opener, was a joke. The deadlift bar helped out immensely and it felt like nothing at all. 510 moved a little slower, but locked out easily. 535 was a grind, and its the grinding that I love. I feel like I may have had another 5-10 pounds in me, but Iím happy with my selection. 9 for 9 in my first meet is a good way to start.

From here, my plan is to drop down to around 275 and work my butt off to continue gaining strength. I believe I am carrying enough fat that a reasonable cut should allow me to gain strength while dropping 40-50 pounds of blubber. From there, its pretty likely that I will slowly work my way back to SHW as I want to move as much weight as humanly possible. With a reasonable diet plan, I think i can put on more muscle and strength and feel a lot happier and healthier in the 300+ range than I do right now.

A big shout out to the BtB for helping me get ready for this meet. I wouldn't have done this without your encouraging. Thank you.
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