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Originally Posted by bamazav View Post
Wait, curiosity has me. What "appendage" did you have removed that causes breathing issues? Sorry, inquiring minds just have to know.

Now to answer your question. I personally, would need a ton more information. The above question, I need to know physical limitations. What does your current workout actually look like? SB is right, you need to get more and better sleep. 5k right too, in general, but for us to help you specifically, more info is needed. What does your diet look like specifically. When I hear, my red flags go up, I picture this I am suspecting, sleep, diet, training and lifestyle issues all need to be addressed. Not trying to be mean, I am trying to be honest in answering your question. We really need more info to better be able to help.

Yeah, wrong word, it's actually "appendix".

14h/day sitting down consists of taking the buss, uni and working on the pc at home.

My workouts take up to 45 min., 2-3 a week.

I am not strong, as you'll see bellow:

Day 1 - bench press: 40 kg
cable iron crossover: 40kg (since my gym doesn't have a declined bench...)
Bent-Arm Dumbbell Pullover: 25kg
Inclined Barbell Bench Press: 30kg
Bumbbell crossover: 20kg
Barbell Curl: 30kg
Dumbbell Alternate Bicep Curl (sitting down): 28kg
Concentration Curls: 20kg
Seated Barbell Palms-Down Wrist Curl: 10kg
Seated Barbell Palms-Up Wrist Curl: 30kg

Day 2 - those chin-up cable machines: 60kg
those chin-up cable machines 1 arm: 20kg
Seated Machine Rows: 32kg
some sort of reverse crossover 1 arm: 15kg
Barbell Deadlift: 40kg
EZ-Bar Skullcrusher: 20kg
Sitting dumbbell 1 arm triceps extension: 12kg
Cable One Arm Tricep Extension: 10kg
Triceps Pushdown - Rope Attachment: 20kg

Day 3 - Barbell Squat: 50kg -> 60kg
Single leg extension machine: 60kg
Leg press: 140kg
Clean Deadlift: 40kg
Outer Thigh Machine: 30kg
Inner Thigh Machine: 30kg
Seated Calf Raise: 40kg
Lying Leg Curls: 30kg

Day 4 - some shoulder exercises (if I get to have a 4rth day)

All exercises are 4 series of 8, but for legs I do 5 series of 6. and now that I've writen it down, it looks like a complete mess...
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