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Awesome day! I think I made a breakthrough in deadlifts. We'll see, but I'm feeling good about them for the first time in a while!

Thanks Markie, Hunter, BtB. Things are still going good right now.

Thanks Ravi, I'm riding a wave for sure.

Thanks Jimbo! Definitely carried some momentum into today!

Thanks Fazc, lot's of food for thought in that answer!

OK, so today was a hard deadlift session intentionally, which is why we went easier on squats than normal. SO, going in the plan was 355 for 2. Now I was a bit sceptical as only a few weeks ago, I struggled badly with 355 for a few singles.

But, I'm trying getting really tight and load the bar more before starting and to pull smoother off the ground and it worked! It made the reps MUCH slower and grindier, but I didn't get caught out of position at my knees which is where I usually fail with a heavy weight. SO, the reps are much harder to do, but obviously stronger as well AND NO lower back issues at all which I often have after deadlifting. Anyway, you'll see on the videos.

JB, I'm thinking lower the intensity on these and practice at like 315 5x 2 or something like that? You're the boss, but that's what I'm thinking. Oh, and Sumos were pretty easy, got easier as I went along too. Didn't go heavy obviously, but pretty decent weight for 4 reps. Hands kept getting caught on my pants, though.

JBPP week 10 finished

warmups: swings and some light cleans, some back stuff and foam rolling too.

2x 315
2x 335
2x 355 (PR)

4x 235, 255, 275
4x 295 (PR)

Totally gassed after that. Breathing didn't settle down for like 5 min!

Stretching and some back yoga. Hamstrings were a bit unhappy with the Sumo!

2x 335:
2x 355:

4x 235:
4x 275:
4x 295:

There you go. Man, I feel good about today! I see light on the horizon with deadlifts. We'll see.

I won't be starting week 11 until Tuesday, JB.
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