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Squats - Speed work

Walked to gym in beautiful sunshine

Stretch with bands and foam roll

Cambered bar squats
Bar x 10
70kgs x 5
120kgs x 3
Suit bottoms on
120kgs x 2
160kgs for 6 sets of 2 with straps down and belt
Straps up and knee wraps on
205kgs (85%) x 2

All gear off for more squats
110kgs for 5 sets of 5

Leg Press
175kgs for 3 sets of 15, 1 set of 20

KB swings
4 sets of 10 with 16kgs bell

Ab roller
3 sets of 10 with bodyweight

Today went well. Speed and form was good on the lighter sets. I have been doing more rehab work in the week and have included calf stretching and banded hamstring stretches in the warm-up and this helped to not round my upper back like last week. All the speed sets were comfortable and depth was there or thereabouts. I used my heavier wraps today and that made a difference hitting depth, very hard getting down with straps up and that light weight. Good news is the suit with tighter straps and those wraps leaves me feeling bullet proof and capable of squatting something BIG. The double at 205 was easy enough. Was thinking about a triple but the pressure from the suit was causing me to lose hearing after rep 2 so I played it safe. Next week is heavy week and I plan on working up with the straight bar. Will be good to feel an opener and maybe a second attempt weight.

Assistance, as per usual, was hefty! The 5x5 squats went better this time as I played it safe on the weight. I ended up pausing the last rep of the last couple of sets on the safeties to show I was as deep as possible so definitely room for more weight there next time. Leg press was 25kgs more than last time as well. It's still a pathetic load and I'm still not comfortable on it but I'm getting better and more importantly I feel like my overall work capacity is going up. Makes me realise I was probably too cautious on Westside and should have pushed things more.

Overall I'm pleased with where I'm at right now and am excited with the progress to come. Here's the video:

Don't call it a comeback
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