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Originally Posted by Hunterace View Post
Great work Josh! Smashin a quick session! Even with the missed reps, your still kickin ass, and your shrinking...all good! Keep it up bud!
Thanks Hunger
Originally Posted by Squatter View Post
Will you be retesting maxes?

Sounds like your conditioning is has improved by leaps and bounds as the pound smelted off. Also nice to see there is no panic about not reaching the preset goals.
Great question. Ideally, I think I should have done this before I started dropping tonnage. Since there is no going back in time, I think I will test them anyway. As I see it, there are 2 options:
1.) On the 5/3/1 week, instead of doing the 5/3/1 I just warm up using singles to my 1rm.
2.) I do the 5/3/1 week as normal and instead of the deload week, I test maxes.
What do you think?

With the added conditioning work and the lbs drop, my conditioning has increased. Its nice not to be sucking wind anytime I move around for a bit.
Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
Nice weight loss! Strength will come back no question, esp. bench for you. That's your lift (like on Seinfeld "that's my move!")

And avatar is certified Angus Prime!

Funny, for me I can speed up warmups for squats and deads to get to working sets faster, but not bench. If I blitz into working sets, it's not pretty on the ole pressing muscles.

Good stuff. Gonna have to change the name to LeanJosh or StrongJosh or something!
Thanks Mike! I know you are right about the strength. At first it hurts the ego to see numbers drop, but I know in the long run it will work out.
If it wasn't for the bench press, I would feel like a failure as a weightlifter. My squat and deadlift are pathetic.
I looked for a clip of the Seinfeld scene you referenced and cannot find one. I will just say this, I use a pinch at the end instead of a twirl.
Thanks about the avatar. I still can't get over the idea that I look noticeably bigger at 30lbs lighter.
I prefer to not speed through any warm ups, but such is life.
I may be losing some pounds, but I think it will be a cold day in hell when I can honestly call myself lean Josh!

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Once you hit 240 I think you're going ot be shocked at how big you look.
You set the bar high there Mr. BBOD. 240 is a lonnnnnggggg ways away! And the way I've been struggling on the diet front the last couple days, weight loss will be tough!
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