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Default 2/14/2013 No love shown today

DC Training


EZ Bar Drag Curls
5 x bar wu
10 x 22 Plate Weight Only wu
6 x 32 PWO wu
15 x 37 +5 +3 + 10 second negative hold

Reverse Grip BB Curls
10 x 35
10 x 35

Standing Calf Raises
10 x 183 - Hold at the top of each rep
6 x 183

Straight Leg Dead Lift
5 x 45 wu
5 x 133 wu
17 x 153

5 x 45 wu
9 x 203
20 x 153

Just in case anyone is wondering about the odd weights recorded, The Fit For the King Gym weights are mostly international, all of our larger plates are international. Having gone through school without learning the metric system, I just use the strange numbers.

Drag Curls - had a great pump, veins were popping.
Reverse Grip BB Curls - We have a 35 bar, a favorite with the ladies. Never having done these I started light, probably way too light as these felt more like a hammer curl than a forearm exercise.
Standing Calves - Goal was to hold the top up to 15 seconds each rep. My balance not being great of late, that didn't happen much. Got the first rep to 15 and the last rep to 15 of the first set and just decided to do slow reps on the rest.
Straight Leg Deadlifts - Started too light. I failed on the 18th rep, should have failed earlier.
Squats - First working set was okay, a good start. The widow maker set was just the right weight. Legs were toast when done.

I have had DOMS in my lats all day, we will see how the legs feel tomorrow. Had blood work done on Tuesday. Last night I get a call asking me to call the office back, means 1 of two things a.) I owe money or b.) something was not good.

Test - mid normal, pretty exciting considering 2 years ago it was 230, I didn't like the Androgel and have been primarily relying on Vitamin D3 and DAA

Vit D levels - good

Cholesterol - total is up and LDL is up, HDL and try were good, I forgot to ask about my ratio. I suspect the Coconut oil I have been using lately may have contributed to this uptick. I will be retested late next week so no Coconut oil to see if that moves things any.

Liver enzymes - Nurse says, "your liver enzymes are elevated and the Doctor would like to you stop drinking immediately." I had to hold my breath because I am a teetotaler. I then reminded her that I have been diagnosed with "Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver" so I wasn't surprised my levels were up. In October I increased my carb intake, guess my body isn't liking that. Aside from the coconut oil, that is the only other change I have made since my last blood work. Anyway, Liver doc had told me, way back when that the Low Carb Diet I was eating was probably the best thing I could do. So, back to low carb diet with simple carbs primarily on workout days.

Day two of this routine is in the books. I am liking it so far. Happy V day everyone.
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