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I'm quitting next week!
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Originally Posted by CLEEPER View Post
I worked out in stern of boat today. I think I realized why I hate working out on boat now . We use to get a lot of down time where we would be shut down tied up waiting on orders. Now we run all the time on a regular contract from Baton Rouge To well below new Orleans.
Working out now is always while we are pushing barges and it's like smoking a pack or cigarettes while lifting from all the exhaust fumes .

I could not breathe between sets . I got it done but I think it's going to be 2 full body routines the week at work and 4 the week at home.

How much work I do on boat will be depending on if we are stopped or running .

For legs I did a Giant set of
Leg extensionon bowflex
100 x 15x3
Leg curl

Barbell squats
145x10x3. A set of each with no rest and 1 min between rounds
Breathing hard but weight was not heavy. My plan for progression is to move weight up on bowflex before squats and maybe even more reps per set of squat

35's x12x3 sets

Pull ups neutral grip
6,6,5,5,6=28 (30 seconds rest)

Dips bw x 20,12,10,9,8. Gasping for air and only 30 seconds rest

Db row single arm but out wider and slow reps squeezing Lats
65x10 x2 each arm

Called it here at 40 minutes
Great work Chad! Way to get it done under less than optimal circumstances! Keep workin hard bud!
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