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"The goal of CrossFit is to increase work capacity across broad time and age domains through the use of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements. CrossFit accomplishes this by promoting competency in the ten generally recognized physical skills: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy."

So, CF's stated goal is "to increase work capacity" (I'd use "endurance")...

There's other vague or misapplied terminology in their comments, such as "intensity," which has an objective "scientific" definition (% of 1RM) but is often generically applied to anything anyone considers "challenging."

Then, many assume CF claims you will "master" all fitness but the term they use is "competency." Everyone driving a car was considered "competent" on their road test. Doesn't mean they are very knowledgeable, safe, skilled, or specialized.

CF's best application is layering other skills (or no skills) on an endurance platform. It does this well, which is why police, military as well as generally non-purposed citizens adopt it.

The best conditioned team wins. Handling endurance stress is critical for police and military operators and feeling good when grocery shopping or playing frisbee doesn't hurt anyone.

It's only when CF declares its supremacy over all other methods or goals that it runs into extremism and loses credibility.

CF says "We get results." Yes, if general fitness or fat loss is the goal. When maximum strength, power or other attributes are needed, then CF is secondary at best. Again, conditioning cannot hurt any other endeavor, but it does not replace or reproduce the results of other, proven methods. The proof of that is that CF has to borrow from other specialized methods to achieve it's goal. They go to other disciplines for "some" power, for "some" strength, etc.

It suits a personalty that doesn't have the drive, focus or need to master any one thing and, since you get leaner and fitter than you were, no one is complaining.
"You must have a very strong reason for doing an exercise. If you don't, scrap it and move on." -Jim Wendler

2017 goals:
-Get bigger overall @ 10-12%BF. -Traps big enough to scare women, children and manlets. -Complete clean TRIPLES with weights I've handled for heavy singles
-Curl 70# DBs for reps and knock out 12-15 easy pullups -BP 260x3 MP 160x3 SQ 325x3 DL385x3 BOR 190x3

Gym PRs: BP 265 MP 175 SQ 365 DL 405 BOR 245

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