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Not exactly. I still need to improve my score. I need to score 90 points in each event to qualify for Air assault, and my performance today wasn't even close. I'll need to add 18 situps and cut over 1:00 from my run to get what I need, but I'll get it in the next couple months. I wasn't planning to get it done today, to be honest. I knew I wasn't ready to put up the right numbers.

Then, after I qualify for Air assault, I'll need recomendations from a couple higher-ups, then I'll actually go to air assault school, which is 10 days of tons of classroom learning, ruck marching, obstacle courses, written tests, and repeling out of helicopters, all culminating in a 12 mile ruck march with a 35lb ruck that must be completed in 3 hours.

Hence my desire to be physically prepared, lol.

I decided to go full body tonight. Simple, quick, effective.

335x5 HUGE PR!

Close grip bench, just outside the smooth-

Chest is really sore from my 78 pushups this morning (it was to complete failure. I couldn't have possibly completed another rep.) I decided to do the close grip to get more triceps in there, and like I've said before, I believe that if I can get my closer grip benching up then it will help my normal, super-wide grip bench.

Squats feel AMAZING. I've worked hard to figure out my form, and it's paying off. With my current setup I can get a little rebound out of the bottom without having to go below parallel, and my posterior chain is still very involved even though I'm using a closer stance. In my last squat session I got a PR of 335x2, so to go out today (after running 2 miles this morning) and get the same weight 5 times feels just freaking awesome. In the next couple weeks I may try to get a new max for squats. If I can do 335x5 then I out to be able to get more than 365 for 1.

I'm going to be doing multiple full-body sessions per week, very low volume with just a few really heavy sets. The idea is to give my body a reason to keep muscle and also maintain as much strength as possible while I cut. The lower volume will also keep my soreness down so I can give much more effort and energy to my run and my situps.

I'm optimistic about the next couple months. It's going to be tough, for sure, but I can't wait to see how much I can improve.
Current PRs at 242, raw w/ wraps- 525, 355, 605, 1485
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