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I love your enthusiasm and desire to succeed, but where did you get this routine? You are hammering yourself into the ground, especially with pressing. If I'm out of line, please say so and I'll not say another word but it seems to me you're really over working yourself and only survivng because you take unplanned days off here and there.

Your joints hurt because they aren't getting near enough recovery. White muscle, or joints, tendons, ligaments, etc take longest to recover so while you can press a medium weight the next day, your joints are rebelling completely.

Squats too, you can squat every day, but not to the level you are doing and especially not if you are deadlifting too which is ridiculously taxing and needs recovery.

The only message I see you sending to your delts and low back is that you are going to beat the crap out of them and never let them recover. That is very blunt and I apologize if I'm out of line, but I feel you are spinning your wheels.

Recovery is at least, if not more, important than the lifting itself. You can make bigger gains, much faster, and with a lot less joint grief if you adjust your routine a little bit. Upper body recovers better with every other day lifting. Lower body can do more, but if you go heavy, it's really 48-72 hours depending on how hard you are hitting it. Consider some longer recovery time to help you make progress.

Hit your big lifts hard once a week. Only lift every other day at most. You're better off hammering squats, bench and deadlifts once a week and then recovering properly.

Just my opinion, feel free to ignore. I just see something and am pointing it out. Everybody's different. Do what works for you at the end of the day.
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