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Default Lifting in the 5th Dimension


The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezso Ban: Lifting in the 5th Dimension, Part One - Thomas R. Foote

Lifting in the 5th Dimension
by Tom Foote (1985)

Through my acquaintance with Tom Foote, I have come to realize that we share a common belief that athletic performance can be transcended through mind control techniques. Fortunately, this fundamental belief has motivated Tom to produce the first major comprehensive book on sports meditation. The book is thoroughly researched and creatively written. Best yet, it provides an easily understood systematic approach to mastering meditative techniques.

Although THE ART OF WEIGHTLIFTING IS USED AS A VEHICLE TO ILLUSTRATE THE TECHNIQUES OF MEDITATION, this book can be successfully used by virtually anyone in any field of endeavor. In short, the book is not only enjoyable, but also informative.

-- Dr. Judd Biasiotto.


With experience every weight lifter finds there is an elusive mental edge that is necessary in order to make a good lift. Manipulating that edge is something we are just beginning to consciously do in Western sports. However, in the East it is something that students of the martial arts, yoga and meditation have done for thousands of years. Instead of a vague body of knowledge on the fringe of what's acceptable, these ancient traditions represent detailed disciplines. This book applies that knowledge to weight lifting.

Some interpretations of meditation stress the goal of seeking pure consciousness. However, the human experience is both mental and physical. An experience of being "whole" must strike a balance between the two. As a lifter, I'm also aware of an intimate cooperation between my mind and body. At times there is something more. There is a singular experience dominated by neither. This is the 5th Dimension where mind and body are but two dimensions of a larger happening.

In this 5th Dimension you live on that special edge, where you function as a whole to form something more powerful than the simple sum of your parts. Lifters who have glimpsed this condition know it as being "psyched." What they have seen is just the tip of an iceberg; in this book we are going to venture below the surface.

Here's how we are going to do it. We are going to take a journey beyond Time & Space. You are going to enter the 5th Dimension where gravity is a bearded giant and pain is an ill-tempered dragon. You are going on this trip with two friends of mine: a grizzled old fart named Path Finder, who knows the way; and his reluctant apprentice, known only as The Kid.

What are they doing there, and more importantly, what are YOU doing there?

The Kid thinks he's looking for the fabled city of Shambala. This is a legendary place which remained lost until Path Finder came along. It is still very hard to get there but it's well worth the arduous journey. Once there, The Kid expects to be endowed with all sorts of special mystic powers.

You're going there for the ride!

Along the way you are going to learn to approach weight lifting from an entirely different direction. This is no small thing and will serve several purposes. First, you will learn skills to improve your lifting. Secondly, lifting in 5D will inject new enthusiasm into your workouts. This will ring your chimes if you've ever walked into the gym to find that your motivator has died. And last but not least, the journey itself will be FUN.
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