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I'm quitting next week!
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Originally Posted by BigJosh View Post
Some of the best sessions are when we feel less than optimal. Don't know why that is, but it is. Great work and congratulations on the PRs.
Thanks Josh! Although very successful, can't call this one of my best sessions. Maybe if had had done more work, but I cut it way short. But I worked hard

Originally Posted by CLEEPER View Post
Good job jay. The ms bull crap is still going on , the guy is trying to fix my full body in my log lately. I been keeping my cool but I'm close to letting loose on him .

Another bad day turned great by a kick but work out .
Thanks Chad! Sucks about that bs over there, I don't miss it one bit!!!!!!! If you let loose, tell me so I can go have a laugh, I don't go there at all anymore. Vin gave me a heads up, that's the only reason I knew people were lookin for me.

Originally Posted by Hunterace View Post
Rough stuff today! Decided to lift and not to lift 10 times, lol. Busted my hump today, and did great! My stomach was the reason I wasn't going to lift, but figured I'd try and if it was too bad I'd redo the workout tomorrow. Warm ups went ok, didn't feel bad. First working set of Military Presses felt really uneasy. Second set I was fine. Third set, bad dry heaves!!! Uggghh, was tough to get going for the rest of my sets but finished well. Once again hit all reps! Very happy with that on top of them all being PRs! Then I just wanted to quit. Thought to myself, if I could get a PR on Pull Ups, then I could justify not doing anything else today . Amazing how hard you can work to get out of work!
M96Cat Routine, Week 6, Day 1
Military Press
Warm Up Sets
Bar x 10
95x 3
125x 1 ...this was 115 but upped it cause I'm using more weight for my working sets
Working Sets
5 sets @ 155x 3 PR ..vids on first and final sets. PR for all sets!!! After the first set I thought maybe it was a bad idea to lift, got queezy. Then after the third set I had horrible dry heaves, which sucked ass! Finshed out strong!
Pull Ups
BW x 27 PR ...think I had more, but lost 1 maybe 2 cause in the high teens I started swinging a little so I slowed to control it and not be all crazy and sloopy.
Done, gut is in knots, head....well you know
155x 3 PR first set
MAH01428 - YouTube
155x 3 PR 5th and final set
MAH01430 - YouTube
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