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HaHa, thanks Mr. Big!
Thanks KD! Can't let you get too far ahead of me! I might never catch up!
Thanks Ravi! I'll get it next time for sure.
You're absolutely right Jimbo. I know whenever I'm fidgetting around, I'm not at 100% concentration. I gotta work on that, some days are harder than others in terms of being dialed in.

I decided I'm really going to fix up my deadlift. I know it's not terrible, but it needs to be better, so lots of video today. Fire away! Nothing is sacred to me. Any ideas you have for me are welcome.

JBPP week 9 finished

warmups: some swings and a few light cleans

5x 3x 295 (this is 80% of my best deadlift)

3x 15x 225
Been reading a lot of Brandon Lilly stuff and he recommends lighter weight, slower reps, really squeeze and be in contro of the weight.

DB Rows:
75s x 15, 12, 12
I did DB rows JB to save my back and they don't hit my sore biceps as much as BB Rows do.

Here's what I'm thinking as I deadlift, the cues I use:
Side view:
3x 295:
3x 295:
Just to see if I'm doing them right. Seems like my shoulders are moving around instead of going straight up. They feel awkward for me too. I like doing explosive "clean" shrugs a lot more!
Trying to do these like BtB said to do them. Initiate with the back, then throw elbow back hard. Camera ran out of memory.

OK, so those weren't massively hard. In fact they were some of the easiest reps with 295 I've ever done, but if you see anything that needs fixed, let me know. Just so you know, I've never missed a deadlift above my knees. All my problems are mid shin to knees. That's invariably where I stall it if I miss one.

I'm also reading and realizing that cumulative fatigue on your lower back can be a real problem. I am beginning to wonder if I'm beating up my low back all week, then deadlifting at the end of the week already banged up. It's better now thaat my squat form is better, so I rarely ding my back on squat days anymore, but I definitely feel like my low back is not 100% at the end of the week. So if it isn't really form that is the problem, then this is the next thing to work on fixing.

I'm doing the Cube after the meet coming up and that's set up to deadlift first on Mondays. That sounds like a good idea. I spent the last year focussing on squats. I think this year will be focussed on deadlifts. We'll see.

Thanks fellas!!
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