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Default Just trying to get big

I've rarely ever done high volume workouts because I just like lifting heavier weights. As long as I got stronger, I didn't care much about size. Recently, though, I took a month out and trained 2 times per day (5x5 in the morning, 6x10 in the evening). I wasn't trying to put on mass, just get used to handling heavier weights for more than a few sets. But when I noticed myself getting bigger and when I noticed that even while taking in 5,000-6,000 calories my bf% didn't go up much, I knew that I was doing something right and that I wanted to continue packing on as much muscle as possible (without any supplements besides whey and occasionally creatine). Then I read "Donít Be A 165 Pound Weakling Ė A Rally For The Strong", and it reinforced what I experienced and got me even more motivated.

My Current Stats:
~180 lbs.
~15% bf

Squat: 315
Bench: 240
Deadlift: 420

A Few Photos

(The blur sucks, but you get an idea of the size of my delts, which is all I care about for this shot)

I've always done set programs and followed them closely, but that just doesn't feel right any more. Lately, I just go to the gym and do whatever sets/reps feel right. The goal is 4 workouts per week, plus or minus 1 depending on how recovery goes. Lately, my elbows (especially the left one) have felt shredded, so it's a little bit touch and go in terms of rest days. Also, it makes the negative on heavy presses really difficult, so I've been using lighter weights.

Day 1: Squat + Flat Bench
Day 2: Deadlift + Incline Bench
Day 3: Squat + Flat Bench
Day 4: Deadlift + Standing Press

I'm limited on time, so I don't do accessory movements, just lots of sets on the 2 exercises. Even if I have time, I still prefer additional compound movements over single-joint movements.

Here is last week's workouts (I never record the warm-up sets, but I usually do around 4 with low reps):

Sunday, 1/27
Deadlift = 13,815 lbs.

a) 4 x 340
b*) 7 x 315
c) 5 x 10 x 205

*After this set, I'd planned on doing a set of 9 and a set of 11, but I tweaked my back on rep 3 of the set of 9. It was just some freak thing that while I was on rep 3, I kind of twitched and rounded my back for a split second (I was using 290). I don't know why this happened; I must've gotten distracted. I stopped the workout, walked 4-5 laps around the indoor track, and then decided it was worth returning to try a much lighter weight. I definitely couldn't have lifted anything remotely heavy, but the 5 x 10 x 205 was easy and didn't make my back feel worse (I actually think it helped make it feel better).

Press = 4,500 lbs.

a) 6 x 10 x 75


Monday, 1/28


Tuesday, 1/29
Squat = 12,125 lbs.

a) 4 x 225
b) 7 x 205
c) 9 x 185
d) 11 x 175
e) 4 x 10 x 155

Flat Bench = 9,740 lbs.

a) 4 x 185
b) 7 x 170
c) 9 x 155
d) 11 x 140
e) 10/10/10/9 x 125


Wednesay, 1/3


Thursday, 1/31
Deadlift = 15,390 lbs.

a) 4 x 340
b) 7 x 315
c) 9 x 290
d) 11 x 265
e) 3 x 10 x 210

Incline Bench = 9,080 lbs.

a) 4 x 175
b) 7 x 155
c) 9 x 135
d) 11 x 130
e) 10 x 120
f) 3 x 10 x 115


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